VR Educator Certification

Micro Certificate and Professional Development Program

Through this Professional Development program, you will earn your Micro Certificate in Virtual Reality Education. By completing both the synchronous and asynchronous portions of this tutorial series, we offer you a well-rounded understanding of VR best practices, our tech tips and tricks, and the most effective and engaging ways to implement VR into your existing curriculum.

  • Learn to teach in a synchronous, virtual reality classroom environment using Victory XR’s educational assets.
  • The program is split into three courses: The Tech Basics, In the Classroom, and Application of Skills.
  • We use a combination of asynchronous and synchronous training modules in order to provide every participant with personalized guidance and support.
  • Raise classroom engagement, improve comprehension, increase students’ ability to retain knowledge, spark imagination, and allow students to visualize and fully understand even the most complex educational subjects.

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