Higher Education in the Metaverse

College Learning in Virtual Reality

● Access to live classes and pre-recorded learning lessons
● Includes fully-interactive experiences, 360-degree field trips, and immersive VR videos
● State of the art chemistry lab
● Human Cadaver Lab-additional cost to add on (includes bone, muscle, and organ
● Customizable learning environments
● Group learning, allows students and teachers to interact in an environment simultaneously (e.g., discussions, questions/answers, collaboration, etc.)
● Includes six dissection units developed with Carolina Biological, the world’s leader in
specimen dissection
● Works with 6DOF headsets live Oculus Quest, Vive, Pico Neo & III and Windows –
does not work with Oculus Go, phone-based VR or 3DOF headsets
● Works on a standard computer or a more recent phone
● Over 7000 3D IFX Objects
● New Classroom Spaces (48 prebuilt classroom spaces)

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