College Prep

College Prep JumpStart Workshop

From the initial idea to the final editing, this online workshop will guide students through the process of creating memorable college application essays.

This JumpStart Workshop provides strategies students need to tackle writing the Common App and supplemental admissions essays as well as:

  • An understanding of the role of the personal essay in the application process.
  • Insight into how admissions officers evaluate essays.
  • Guidance in choosing the best essay prompt for your applications
  • Tools for brainstorming and developing compelling, original material for your essay.
  • A direction for finding a shape to showcase your unique story.

Make Your Common App a Little Less Common

From initial login to final submission, this workshop will guide students and parents through the process of planning and organizing college applications using the CommonApp

This Less Common Workshop will show you how to tell your unique story through the Common App along with…

• a breakdown of the information you need to complete each section

• tips for filling out both objective and subjective questions

• insights into the most time-intensive and challenging element of the CommonApp: tackling personal essay as well as supplemental ones

Click below and enter passcode to see recorded workshop:…/ttKEIFy0q8gBFd9gVJWAH3ZfNCq8y… Passcode: U=P7S.i4